How it works

  • Custom strategy

    We develop a custom, holistic strategy aligned with your goals, ensuring the best possible performance for your site.

  • Focused on impact

    By focusing on the highest impact areas of your site, we leverage smart technologies to maximize your ROI.

  • Implementation included

    For added flexibility, we can directly implement our recommendations or work with your development team.


Focused on popular marketplaces like Google and Amazon


Improve the elements of your site that help search engines crawl and qualitatively assess your site, thereby boosting search visibility.


Provide a boost off-site with content marketing and white hat linking opportunities to help establish your site as an authority.

Algorithm patching

We can detect and help resolve potential search ranking penalties that have been applied to your site.

SEO tools

We leverage more than a dozen SEO tools including BrightEdge, a leading SEO platform, to get accurate data and to uncover insights that lead to actionable recommendations.


Using our elite team of U.S.-based writers and editors, we deliver the highest quality content that informs and inspires customers, helping conversion rates.


Work with a dedicated team that has your long-term goals in mind and cares about the success of your business.

“We got hit hard by Panda — 30% of our traffic just gone, and a manual penalty. EXCLUSIVE saved us.”

Courtney Lear WallaceDirector of Digital Marketing/Ecommerce at Unique Vintage


We send monthly reports based on your most important KPIs, providing insight into our program’s success.
We use proven methods to attract links, but do not advocate strategies such as mass link building or other black hat methods to artificially augment search visibility.
EXCLUSIVE provides everything you need to get a winning edge. We can be as hands-on as needed, or as hands-off, if you prefer we stay out of the kitchen.
As a company, EXCLUSIVE helps you optimize the entire ecommerce funnel, meaning the ROI from your SEO efforts will be much higher. Our SEO practice in particular dates back to 1997, one year before Google was incorporated. We have consistently achieved great results for clients of all sizes by proactively leveraging our technologies, resources, and unique approach in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your brand.
SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, and the time to see results depends on your specific situation. We have clients who see results after 3 months and others who see results after 6–12 months.
We are partnered with BrightEdge, the leading SEO Platform for keyword-tracking and competitive insights. We also leverage more than a dozen proprietary and industry-leading tools.

It’s all interconnected.

For even more growth, combine Organic Search with our other services.

Combined with EXCLUSIVE Paid Search

from Organic Search from Paid Search When you increase qualified traffic along with average order value (AOV), you grow faster. +21 % revenue +10 % AOV +10 % qualified traffic
from Organic Search from Conversion Testing When you increase qualified traffic and conversion rates, you grow faster. +21 % revenue +10 % conversion rates +10 % qualified traffic

We create custom service packages so you get exactly what you need.