Why Are Data Feeds Important?

  • Re-Engages Customers

    Enables Dynamic Remarketing Advertisements on Google and other remarketing platforms that show your customers relevant product images directly in the ads they see.

  • Improves RoAS

    Data feeds allow for segmentation and labeling of your products on PPC and Shopping channels. Result? Higher return on ad spend!

  • Fuels Visibility and Sales

    Feeds are the core data intelligence element for many advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Amazon and other marketplaces.

Why Use EXCLUSIVE Data Feeds?

Data Feed Creation

We pull, clean, and conform store data to platform requirements for the most popular platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Merchant Center, Bing Merchant Center, and more. Our feeds are supported on BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Yahoo, and many others.

Proactive Feed Management

We continuously monitor your feeds and fix data quality issues as they happen. This means fewer unapproved products, more sales, and fewer headaches. No more worrying about your product feed not working or being out of date

Superior Optimizations

We’ve created a set of proprietary feed optimization strategies for every possible data field. This improves product visibility, discoverability, campaign quality scores, and product sales.

Cohesive Strategy

From serving the right product to Facebook shoppers to using profit margins to guide Google Ads bidding, our feed-labeling technology works in tandem with our ad campaign strategies to deliver outstanding RoAS and conversion rates.

Smart Labels

Most agencies update feed labels once per year. This means your ad campaigns could be using stale data to make important bidding decisions, wasting thousands in ad spend. Our Smart Labels technology continually uses fresh data to update your feed labels, ensuring ad dollars are spent wisely.

More Data

We use marketplace price data to label your products that are the cheapest and those that aren’t. This allows us to be predictive with advertising bids, thus maximizing revenue and ensuring ad dollars aren’t wasted when you’re not competitive on price.

It’s all interconnected.

For even more growth, combine Feeds with our other services.

Combined with Paid Search

from Conversion Testing from Paid Search When you increase conversion rate along with average order value (AOV), you grow faster. +21 % revenue +10 % AOV +10 % conversion rate

Combined with Organic Search

from Conversion Testing from Organic Search When you increase conversion rate and get more qualified traffic, you grow faster. +21 % revenue +10 % qualified traffic +10 % conversion rate

We create custom service packages so you get exactly what you need.