How CRO Consulting Works

  • See user behavior

    See how your users behave on your site. You'll see where they click, what they read, and how they navigate.

  • Get user feedback

    Your users will tell you why they buy from you (and why they don't) through live polls on your site.

  • Execute ideas

    Our team of experts will provide trends, recommendations, and test ideas designed to improve your conversion rate.

CRO Consulting Features

All devices supported, including mobile and tablet

Heat maps

Which areas of your sites are clicked the most? Are there any distractions?

Mouse-move maps

Are your users reading your content? Which parts of the page are getting the most attention?

Scroll maps

How far down do your users scroll? What percentage is seeing your important elements?

Session videos

Is your site confusing users? See the real story your analytics aren’t telling you!


Why do your users buy from you? What improvements do they want to see on the site?


Where do your users drop out of your checkout funnel? Watch videos of users on key pages.

+142%annual revenue after 4 years with EXCLUSIVE

“EXCLUSIVE helps me drive more sales by understanding my shoppers so I can give them what they want.”

Mariusz Sobanski,

CRO Consulting FAQs

Yes. You’ll have full access to everything we collect. Also, our reports will contain links to examples as well. This way you don’t have to go through the thousands of videos yourself.
Yes! This will work across all devices. You can find heat maps for desktop and mobile. There will be videos for all device types.
We haven’t seen any measurable difference to load time with the script installed. Also, it won’t put the user experience in danger by using scripts that load asynchronously. This means that these scripts don’t stop the site from loading its own content first.
Our development team will install the code on your site for you. All we will need is the necessary access. However, if you don’t want to share access to your store with us, we will work with you to send over the code needed for installation.
Nobody else will have access to your data outside of you and our team.
Visitors that are running unsupported web browsers, have JavaScript disabled, are running script-blocking browser plugins, and have cookies disabled will not be tracked. Also, those who enter the site, but don’t perform any actions that would lead to further information collection are deleted by default once their session is complete.

It’s all interconnected.

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