YouTube Transcribe Audio (beta) Demonstration and Significance – Wildcard Friday

By Joe


Since it’s Wildcard Friday, we thought we would cover something a little more light-hearted. Something we find pretty funny. Recently, YouTube launched a beta tool to transcribe the audio of any YouTube video – it’s very bold of a concept, but incredibly funny at the same time, since they’re still trying to fix the bugs in it. To demonstrate, we’ll show a clip from yesterday’s video, The Most Effective Way to Use E-Mail Navigation.

There were points in there that show a lot of promise for this type of audio transcription. Which may result in larger changes in the internet one day.

As SEOs, we understand the raw importance of unique content. Here, we are seeing a step in the direction of converting a person’s recording into text and that text can one day be considered by Google as unique text. The same way body text is analyzed for its keyword densities, relevance and prominence, may one day be carried over into video through this technology. It’s something we’re looking forward to.

Finally, the overwhelming bias of Google towards writers and readers may start to fade to users of all types.

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