YouTube Marketing: Why It Works & Why You Should Embrace It

By Stephanie Campbell, Paid Search team
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Attracting new customers is crucial to any business and video is a key element of a growth-oriented marketing strategy. YouTube video advertising allows marketers to tap into a wealth of potential new customers. YouTube viewership continues to grow at an incredible rate. From a brand perspective, video offers a way to emotionally connect with viewers and tell a compelling brand story.

The World Is Watching

YouTube has a staggering two billion users per month (and growing) — that’s one-third of internet users. With billions of users watching billions of hours of video each day, advertisers can reach users who aren’t even shopping.

Why YouTube Marketing Works

Video advertising serves to educate viewers about your brand, what you provide, and how you stand out against your competitors. 

YouTube marketing allows merchants to do the following:

  • Create Brand Awareness: Video ads hook users at the top of the funnel to drive home your brand and why you matter. Video also helps to engage with users further down the funnel to guide them into the consideration stage.
  • Tell a Good Story: Video ads are multifaceted, combining eye-catching graphics, stimulating audio, and descriptive text to tell a thoughtful brand story in seconds. 
  • Make Bold Visual Impact and Connection. If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think how impactful video via YouTube marketing can be. Video ads are a great way to show users how more complex or difficult products work in a way that text, shopping, or display ads just can’t do.  
  • Target the Right Audience: Sure, all merchants want to reach large new audiences, but we don’t want to simply open the floodgates to unqualified traffic. You can still tap into the vast number of users on YouTube and do so with your buyer personas in mind through layering demographics, interest-based data, and remarketing tactics.
  • Hook Your Audience: Bold, meaningful content can hook an audience and keep them coming back. Impactful video ads not only resonate, they can lead to shares, likes, subscribers, and further exploration of your YouTube channel.
  • Expand Mobile Reach: The advertising landscape has never been so mobile-focused. Currently, in an average week, more adults use mobile devices to watch YouTube than to watch any cable network. YouTube marketing literally places your brand in the hands of millions.
  • Tap Into Your Best-Performing Formats: Whether you choose short six-second bumper ads or longer-form discovery ads, there’s a YouTube marketing solution for you no matter where in the funnel your audience may be.

What to Consider in YouTube Marketing Campaigns and Ads

There’s no doubt that YouTube marketing can be a huge win. Here are a few things advertisers should factor in when considering video ads:

  • Long Game, Long-Term Payoff: Going after top-of-funnel traffic will take time to lead to conversions. However, as you introduce new users to your brand through video content, they can then be placed within your remarketing funnel and guided through the stages of the customer journey. Video is key to not only introducing yourself to new customers, but also in earning their trust and keeping them engaged. Additionally, with cost-per-views (CPV) as low as $0.01, it’s an extremely efficient way to build brand awareness. 
  • Consistent Messaging: Clear and cohesive messaging is always important, so tying your mission, values, and differentiators into your video content is a must. 
  • Clean House: Expect users to explore your brand further on your brand’s YouTube channel. So knowing that you’ll have guests, tidy up for your visitors. Clean up the content in your YouTube channel to ensure a well-rounded picture of what you stand for. 
  • No Channel, No Problem: If you do not have a standing YouTube channel, no worries! Creating one can be done easily. Get tips from YouTube on how to brand your channel.
  • Be Yourself. Bottom Line: Authenticity is everything. You want customers to know you. Flashy gimmicks will only get you so far, but authenticity will jump through the screen. When in doubt, simplify and streamline your message and get it to the right audience.
  • Educate Yourself Further: If you’re ready to learn more about video ads (and display ads as well), check out Display Ads & Video Marketing: Now Is the Time. You can watch the webinar on demand and download the slides.

These tips will get you started on the path to success with YouTube marketing, but there’s always room to grow. To get experienced insight into opportunities for your business to achieve more across multiple marketing channels, contact us for a free eCommerce analysis.