You ask, Yahoo Answers

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Yahoo! has just launched a new service called Yahoo! Answers that enables users to ask questions of or answer questions from other users about virtually any subject. From the Alternative Medicine category:

Does echinacea really help prevent colds?

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Well, there appears to be some controvery about this. While some people swear by the stuff, others say that it has no real effect on overcoming a cold.

It’s hard to see how this is any different from the many online communities and forums that are already out there on the web, but I suppose that Yahoo! Answers’ access to the vast Yahoo! user base will give it an audience that other communities don’t have.

Gary Price of Search Engine Watch speculated about the future advertising potential of the new service:

During my chat with Shaked [Director of Engineering for Yahoo Search] he was rather reserved about the future of advertising on Yahoo Answers pages. When I tested, no ads were visible but Shaked did mention that in the future answerers with strong reputations (feedback, etc) could be able to benefit from use of the Yahoo Publishers Network on certain pages. Again, this is just talk and it will be interesting to see if pepople try to game the system for YPN access.