You Are Not Alone – EMail Thursday



Today I’ll tell you how the subject line “You Are Not Alone” works and how you can follow up that statement in your body content.

According to Sean Platt at, the most opened subject line is “You Are Not Alone.” Wow, that’s pretty crazy, huh? At an average open rate of 90%, it’s no wonder so many different types of companies sending out emails use this. This effective phrase is something that’s known worldwide and strikes a dramatic chord in most people since it’s true – no one wants to be or feel alone. So, never underestimate basic, human needs and instincts when planning your email marketing strategy.

But remember that once you alert your audience to a problem, you’ve got to solve it. You can’t just have that subject line and completely useless content. Specifically if you’re selling something in an email (and who isn’t?), you’ve got to create a need for it. This need should be based on a problem that your target audience has or thinks they have. When you create the body content for the email, let readers know someone is on their side and make sure whatever your solution presented solves this problem . So the order goes like this: problem ? need ?solution

In addition to this almost foolproof headline, negative headlines work wonders too. In the same article, it says that people will always work to keep something they have rather than work to gain something they don’t have. The impact of negative headlines reinforces this belief. With a negative subject line and email content that solves a problem, you may be pointing out a problem that the reader doesn’t know they have and solving it all in one fell swoop. So there you go – your company has just saved the day, and hopefully gained a few faithful customers along the way!