Yahoo Testing Bing Powered Results – Wildcard Friday

By Tim


Today I’ll be talking about the official announcement that Yahoo will be live testing Bing powered results this month.

As many of you know, Microsoft and Yahoo reached a deal a while back that will result in Yahoo search results being powered by Bing.

The timeline for when this transition is to take place has been kind of up in the air for a while– but yesterday on July 15th – Yahoo announced that they will be testing organic and paid search results powered by Microsoft on live Yahoo traffic. They state that this testing will be taking place in July – so in essence they could be testing right now.

You can read the announcement for yourself at the link provided here. The main point taken right from the announcement is quote: “Though much of our testing is already happening offline, this month we’ll also test the delivery of organic and paid search results provided by Microsoft on live Yahoo! traffic.”

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In addition to this – there are some key points to note that Search Engine Roundtable did a nice job of outlining.

1. They’re Testing Bing powered Yahoo results this month.
2. The transition for organic is on target for August/September.
3. Testing volumes specifically for paid search will be very low, to not impact current campaigns.
4. When the switch over happens, Bing will power about 30% of all search queries worldwide.

So now that we know things are moving forward, and that Bing powered results are being testing on Yahoo this month – what do you do?

Well, they clearly state that the testing is going to be on a very small scale to start…so there’s not too much cause for any concerns as of yet…you may just want to keep an eye on your Yahoo organic traffic as a curiosity.

The important thing to focus on here is not the testing in July – but rather the fact that a strategy is needed to make sure that when the full transition takes place, you’ll be well positioned organically for your important keywords. If you currently get a lot of organic traffic from Yahoo – it’s important that you make sure not to lose this traffic when Bing starts powering the search results.

A full analysis of your current Bing positioning and ways to improve upon it will go a long way toward making sure this transition doesn’t negatively impact your traffic & sales numbers.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the update, and I hope you all have a great day.