Yahoo teams with Gawker

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Yahoo is making a lot of news today. In addition to their new shopping features and their anti-adware campaign, they’ve also just announced that they’ll be pairing with Gawker Media to include Gawker’s blog content on their site. points out that Nick Denton, Gawker’s owner, has in the past “harshly criticized Weblogs for what he termed selling out to conventional media”. Denton justified his apparent inconsistency by claiming that Gawker is “licensing” and not selling its content. He also played down Yahoo’s “conventional” mainstream status, explaining that Yahoo is cool enough to be worthy of Gawker content: “Yahoo has developed a certain weird geek chic,” Denton said. “Their philosophy is just edgy enough.”

Yahoo was the fourth most profitable internet site in the third quarter (behind AOL, ABC and Google) taking in $1.3 billion in revenues and $254 million in profits ( Pretty good for a company that’s so “weird”.

Bloggers like Loren Baker and The Overnighter see this as a positive move for both Yahoo and Gawker.
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