Yahoo Phone

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Yahoo’s no slacker and is even teaming up with the soon-to-be Ma Bell, once the name change for SBC Communications goes through.

The Wall Street Journal reports Yahoo will soon introduce a cellphone it will sell in partnership with SBC Communications so users can link wirelessly to music, photos and email – through Yahoo of course.

This idea of taking essential Yahoo services that we offer on PCs today and extending them to other devices including mobile phones is a huge priority for the company,” said a Yahoo spokeswoman, who declined to comment on plans for a Yahoo phone.

Yahoo may not be talking about the Yahoo phone but SBC is.

SBC executives said the SBC-Yahoo phone, which will be manufactured by Nokia Corp., is expected to be available as soon as early next year and will cost $200 to $300. Operating on the Cingular Wireless network, which is co-owned by SBC and BellSouth Corp., the phone will also be an MP3 player, a 1.3 megapixel camera and will have a removable memory card.