Yahoo licenses 5 blogs, price up

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

AOL bought Weblogs from Jason Calcanis. This week, another network of blogs announces a licensing deal. Yahoo is adding 5 Gawker Media Blogs.

The five Gawker Media Web sites to be featured on Yahoo are Gizmodo, which focuses on gadgets and consumer electronics; Wonkette, an edgy political scandal sheet; Defamer, which tracks gossip and news in Hollywood; Lifehacker, offering reviews of Web sites as well as tips to save time; and Gawker, which takes shots at Manhattan’s mainstream media. These sites attract advertising from Nike Inc., Absolut vodka, HBO, Comedy Central and other brands looking for new ways to connect with a young demographic.

Nick Denton, who owns Gawker and harshly criticized Weblogs for what he termed selling out to conventional media, emphasized that he was licensing, not selling, content from his offbeat network of blogs.

Denton added that Yahoo’s mammoth size, with tens of millions of viewers, would dramatically expand the potential audience for his bloggers, who have loyal followings but remain unknown to mainstream Internet users.

“Yahoo has developed a certain weird geek chic,” Denton said. “Their philosophy is just edgy enough.”

Yahoo stock rises 6% on announcement of the deal