Yahoo combats spyware

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Yahoo has teamed with AOL, Cnet, Verizon and Computer Associates to fight the distribution of adware and spyware that sneaks onto computers through emails, downloads, or through website visits. Once it’s on your computer, the adware can track your behavior or generate a lot of pop-ups and it’s not always clear how it got there and how you can remove it.

Yahoo has resisted taking sides on this issue for a long time and has profited from both selling pop-up ads and the software to eliminate them. But now they’re taking steps to crack down on adware. The new program, called the Trusted Download Program, will require adware makers to inform users about what is taking place on their computers and to gain their consent. The forced disclosure will probably end the annoying pop-up ads once and for all (unless there are a lot of people out there that want them).
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