Yahoo Aiming High – Goal: Being #2

By Scott

I was surprised to read that according to Yahoo CFO Susan Decker, Yahoo’s goal is to be number 2 in search. Since they are currently number 2, it would seem that they’ve already reached their goal – and that they can simply relax.

While the history of the search world is short, it has shown that searchers are only as loyal as their options – and when a much better search option comes about, they’ll move on.

Google may be great, but the search engine world in general is still very young. I think there will be tremendous advances made in the next 5 years (a long time in the Internet world), and that Yahoo is a little premature in sighting their sights so low.

Yahoo has a lot of talented search engineers, and a lot of talent in general, and I’m just surprised to see the defeatist attitude.

“It kind of makes you wonder about how serious they are about search,” Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Watch

I’m sure Yahoo is just managing expectations in light of the new market share data that has come out (showing they are being dominated by Yahoo), but Susan’s comments wouldn’t motivate me if I were a Yahoo search engineer. Imagine your boss telling you… relax, we’re fine right where we are.

Yahoo has made great strides over the past year on the Web 2.0 front, and in some cases, I think they’ve even outdone Google.

We’ll see where this goes.

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