Wildcard Friday – Why and How To Test Site Speed



Hi Everyone, Welcome to your daily concept get smarter every day.

It’s wild card Friday and I’m your presenter, Lauren. Today We’ll be covering why and how to test site speed for SEO benefit

Matt Cutts, who is the head of the spam team at Google announced in November that Google site speed may matter when it comes to search engine results.

What does this mean? Google is trying to reward sites that have optimal performance in an effort to make the internet a faster place. After all, the user experience is most important.

The key is that speed is not yet a factor in the current algorithm, or is it? Google could be testing this as we speak. Why doe we think it is important? well when the announcement comes from Matt Cutts himself, we know that a change is in the works. Google has also launched some tools to help sites prepare for this potential change in the algo.

Let’s get to the tools:

  • Firefox add-on tool through firebug – this helps identify how to speed up pages.
  • YSlow, another firefox add on provides similar data to the google tool
  • Finally, google has integrated a site performace section in webmaster tools to track load speed on individual pages.