Wildcard Friday – TheNextWeb.com's Super Bowl Sentiment Infographic

By Joe


I will be analyzing an infographic I came across on thenextweb.com that utilizes an interesting platform provided by ubervu.com to gauge the social media sentiment of giants and patriots fans.

So in honor of Superbowl XLVI Sunday coming up this weekend. I thought it would interesting to see on a grand scale, what the overall sentiment for this years superbowl will be. I myself, being from New Jersey and Living in Boston for the last several years, I am quite torn with who I want to win. So lets let the masses be the judge for who will be the victor and lets take a look at this infographic, created by thenextweb.com who utilized the social media analytics platform ubervu to create this stunning visual.

Also looking at the sentiment of the conversations taking place, it appears that Brady had more positive support then Manning which in the end helped to give him the edge for the Patriots.

Next, thenextweb.com looked at overall team mentions. And although the patriots have a slight edge in mentions, the giants are winning in retweets. I would dare to see the race is pretty close and could come down to game day to pick a definitive winner on this front.

So in conclusion, thenextweb.com has decided to go with the patriots based off the numbers. But if these numbers hold any merit it should pan out to be a great game based off the stunning fan base for both teams. I hope this info graphic from thenextweb.com and their utilization of the ubervu platform has been entertaining, and perhaps it gave you an idea for an info graphic for your own marketing campaign.

So take care everyone, have a safe and happy super bowl weekend. And if your favorite team isnt playing this weekend, better luck next year.