Wildcard Friday – The Source's 1 Month Anniversary

By Nik


It’s our birthday! Well – yesterday was. In only 1 month, we’ve produced 25 videos and 117 minutes of invaluable content that spans lessons, tips and tricks on SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Management, E-Mail Marketing and something Wild once a week. It’s all for e-commerce business owners – it’s all for you.

The rate at which visitors have been signing up to receive these videos has been spectacular as well as humbling – so thank you to all who have been following our blog. If you haven’t signed up yet, the arrow on the screen is pointing to the sign-up bar.

So what have we covered?

1/11 – 1/15 1/18-1/22 1/25-1/29 2/1-2/5 2/8-2/12
SEO Monday: Well, on Monday’s we’ve covered SEO. Our topics have included the impact of content on your site and how it will change with Google’s new Caffeine algorithm, Google’s QDF formula for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, getting the most from inter-linking, the 3 rules to follow for SEO Copy and the 2 main factors for ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.
SEO Monday The Unique Content Impact Google’s Query Deserves Freshness Formula Internal Linking 3 Rules of SEO Copy The 2 Main SEO Factors for Google, Yahoo and Bing
PPC Tuesday:PPC Tuesday has covered some of the most important elements of Pay-Per-Click, including a 101 course on Google Ad Text, how to structure your PPC program, the differences between match types, Display and Destination URLs and Geo-targeting.
PPC Tuesday Google Ad Text 101 Good Pay Per Click Structure Match Types Pay Per Click URLs Geo-Targeting Your PPC Campaigns
Conversion Wednesday: Conversion is a newer science – one that Exclusive Concepts is on the forefront of – we’ve covered conversion rate bottlenecks, the impact of color on your site, we teased January’s webinar on conversion rate next steps, went into detail on the impact of discount and coupons and finally analyzed organic traffic with Yahoo Web Analytics – especially pertinent to Yahoo Store owners.
Conversion Wednesday Identifying Conversion Rate Bottlenecks How Color Impacts Conversions on Your Website What Are My Next Steps To Improve Conversion Rates? The Discount Effect How to Analyze Organic Search Traffic with Yahoo Web Analytics
E-Mail Thursday: E-Mail Thursdays have covered the topics that e-commerce business owners should be very aware of to ensure they have a clean and effective marketing approach, including deliverability, the tactical use of pre-header text, a guide to who you can technically e-mail and who you can’t, how to get more customer reviews and finally how to accurately track revenue from e-mail marketing.
E-Mail Thursday E-Mail Marketing Deliverability E-Mail Pre-Header Text Who Can I E-Mail? Customer ReviewsP Tracking E-Mail Marketing Revenue
Wildcard Friday: Wildcard Friday has been tying all these sciences together in a holistic fashion, including testing site speed, optimizing the placement of your shipping calculator, analyzing the quality of all your traffic sources, using Google insights and finally, today’s celebratory presentation.
Wildcard Friday Why and How To Test Site Speed Shipping Calculator Optimization The Quality of Traffic How To Use Google Insights Today!

It’s been a long road – well, a 1 month-long road, and it’s only the beginning. You may wonder why we are willing to make so much content, and it’s simple. All business owners should have a team that understands marketing so well that they could teach a new concept every day and still have more to teach tomorrow. We believe in that. And that’s what it’s like to be a client of Exclusive Concepts.

Thank you all for your support folks!