Wildcard Friday – Overcoming Writer's Block

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


My name is Elizabeth and I’m an SEO copywriter here at Exclusive Concepts. Today I’ll be talking about writer’s block, its causes and how you can over come it.

Since it’s Wildcard Friday I thought I’d throw in an article for all you copywriters out there. Today I’ll be talking about a little condition called writer’s block. Let’s face it – it’s happened to all of us. Writer’s block is a debilitating state-of-mind that usually makes you go crazy and instigates an onslaught of panic attacks, especially when your paycheck depends on it. Whether it’s a homepage, category sections, product pages, a blog article or a simple Twitter update, sometimes you feel like you just can’t find the words. But like I said before, it’s a state of mind, so there’s a cure. And no, it’s not more cowbell.

Copywriting (yes, even SEO copywriting) is a creative process, and many times it’s either there or it’s not. So let’s establish what could be causing this specific case of writer’s block.

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Stress. I often find that if I’m overwhelmed with the little daily stresses in my life – money, relationships, general life problems, etc. – it’s really hard to come up with something. Since writing requires a lot of thinking and ruminating, your head needs to be clear. And if there are a lot of little things going on up there then chances are you won’t be able to concentrate on your project.

Fear. It really is true that all we have to fear is fear itself. You’re probably worried that you’re going to sound like an idiot. But you have to remember that you’re the expert and were hired for a reason. All writers eventually experience rejection, but rejection breeds perfection. There have been times when I’ve written copy and clients don’t care for it, but then I took a different direction and figured out what the client likes. If you’re writing for your own company, you have the power to establish the tone of your copy, so you’ll probably have a better idea of how you want your copy to sound.

Boredom. If you’re writing in a small gray cubicle with a computer screen staring back at you and not getting anything out of it, chances are you may be bored and just need a change of scenery.

So, what are the cures? They’re simple and straightforward. For stress, block out some time to write. Give yourself permission to use the allotted time for the task at hand. Sometimes writing can even be a great escape from all the daily stresses of life. If you’re experiencing a bout of fear, make sure you’ve fully researched your topic. Do some research on other sites and read what they’ve written, and chances are you‘ll realize you can probably write something even better. Have confidence in yourself. In regards to boredom, all you may need is a change of scenery. Change the area you’re writing in. Adjust your desk. Go write at a local coffee shop or hang out outside for a little bit to clear your head. I work in an office where it can get loud so an iPod sometimes works when I don’t need complete silence. Or for inspiration, I look at interesting blogs that are well written. And when all else fails, a large cup of coffee does the trick.

As time goes on, you’ll begin to understand yourself better and what may be causing your writer’s block. Then you can develop your own cure and method of recovery in the event another case hits.

Well, that’s all for today and I hope that you’ve figured out a way to overcome your writer’s block. If not, Exclusive Concepts offers a great copywriting service, as well as a variety of other services like Advanced SEO, Profitable Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Booster, and Lifecycle Email Marketing.

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