Wildcard Friday – New Google Site Links

By Tim


For those unfamiliar, Site Links are the two columns of links that appear under some search results, within the organic listings. While not always the case, they typically show up when you do a search for a very specific brand or institution. The old version of the site links layout can be seen here.

With the new version of Site Links, there has been no fundamental change in how they’re generated and ranked…that’s all still done algorithmically as before. That said, there are a few things that have changed. For one, the Site Links are displayed in a much more prominent fashion within the search results. An example can be seen here….as compared to what you saw on the previous slide. Also, you can now suggest the demotion of a site link if it’s inappropriate or incorrect, and the algorithms will take these demotions into account when showing and ranking the links (although removal is not guaranteed). Now, you can suggest a demotion of any URL for any parent page. Up to 100 demotion are allowed per domain.