Wildcard Friday – Make Phone Calls Using Gmail

By Tim


Welcome to Your Daily Concept – Get Smarter Every Day. Today, is Wildcard Friday.

My name is Tim, I’m an internet marketing strategist here at Exclusive Concepts, and today I’ll be talking about Google Voice and how it now allows you to place and receive phone calls using Gmail.

Since this is Wildcard Friday, I thought I’d diverge a little bit from the marketing side of things and take some time to update you on a cool new Google feature.

Two days ago, or Wednesday (August 25th ), Google launched the ability to make and receive phone calls using Google Voice – which ties right into your Gmail.

You can make and receive calls and text message for free anywhere in the US – and all international calls are charged a relatively small fee.

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In addition to the ability to place and receive calls and text message for free, Google Voice has a number of other cool features.

For instance you can:

  1. Use a single number that rings you anywhere
  2. Get transcribed voicemail messages delivered to your
  3. Share voicemails
  4. Screen callers
  5. Make conference calls
  6. Video chat for free
  7. Much more

If you want to learn more about making calls with Google Voice, you can visit www.google.com/voice – or you can visit the Google Voice blog at googlevoiceblog.blogspot.com

That’s it for Wildcard Friday – hope you enjoyed the offbeat update, and I hope you enjoy your day!