Wildcard Friday – It's All In Your Tone



My name is Elizabeth. I am a copywriter at Exclusive Concepts, and today we will be discussing how to determine your tone when writing copy for your online business’s website.

When creating the copy for your online business’s website, one of the first things you need to determine is the overall tone of the copy. Depending on the products or services you offer, you will want to adjust what you say and how you say it to accurately portray what you’re selling. That way, when you or someone else sits down to write the copy, the words will flow easily. It may sound simple, but there are several things you will want to consider:

What’s my age again? What’s the age group I’m targeting? Am I writing for children, teens, young adults, the middle-aged or seniors? These age groups can be broken down even further so take a few minutes to acknowledge who your audience is and where they are in their life experience. Knowing the age of your audience will aid you in selecting your words properly and creating an appropriate tone.

Am I writing for men, women or both? Again, this is another really important question. If you’re writing for men, the language is probably going to be a little bit different than when you’re trying to sell a product to the fairer sex and vice-versa. If your business sells something that applies to both sexes, try to keep the language gender-neutral.

We don’t need no education. Are you selling to students or people who have already graduated? Maybe your target audience is someone who never had any formal schooling at all. Your audience could be made up of CEO’s, nurses, grocery baggers or flight attendants. Or it could be all of these. All of these professions call for a specific tone and style of writing, but if your target audience encompasses a broad range of people, then try to write accordingly. So remember that despite having different careers, they could have shared passions or interests.

Remember your tone will also change depending on who you’re selling to – whether it’s an individual or a company. For example, if you sell children’s clothing to moms, your tone will sound different compared to selling anti-virus software to large corporations. Try to imagine who is sitting on the other end.

Once more…with feeling. Ask yourself, “What emotion am I trying to evoke?” Are you trying to appeal or elicit a certain emotion? People act on their emotions, making it more likely they will purchase something because they feel a connection to what you’re selling.

While your main objective is to create conversions here, you don’t want to be extremely pushy or salesy. Your tone should focus on being friendly while explaining the benefits of your product, and also creating a call to action. It’s tough to achieve this delicate balance between selling something and not appearing to be a salesperson, but once you do, the sky’s the limit.

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