Wildcard Friday – Is Your Site Fast Enough?



Welcome to Your Daily Concept – Get smarter everyday. Today is Wild Card Friday.

I will be your speaker, Dan T today, to find out if Your Site is Fast Enough

Let’s jump right in with a fun free tool called WhichLoadsFaster.com.

You can use this tool to quickly compare your site against your top competitor. This will quickly show you if you are pushing potential customers away to your competitor.

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I decided to have some fun and compare Google Vs. Bing in Google Chrome and in Internet Explorer. My test showed me ironically that Bing was faster in Chrome and Google was faster in Internet Explorer. Test it yourself and see what you find, you may have different results depending on your location and internet connection.

Another tip is to ask Google this question. Login to your Google Webmaster Tools and click on Lab to find Site Performance link. This will give you information about your site from Google’s perspective. If your site is too slow you may want to work on your site speed so that in the future Google does not penalize you with your SEO rankings.

Now lets ask Yahoo! the same question using their Firefox plugin called Yslow.

After you are done swearing at Yslow for giving you your first F in your life. Click on each element to give you tips and tricks on how to improve your site speed. If you are unsure about any of their suggestions, please call us and we can help you solve your site issues through testing.

So is Your Site Fast Enough?

Ask yourself, are you faster than your competitor? Then use Whichloadsfaster.com. Does Google think your site is slower than a tortoise? Check out Google Webmaster Tools for more information. What does Yslow tell you? Does it give you an F, does it give you a D, does it even give you an A? There still might be improvements you can look at to speed up your website.

At Exclusive Concepts, we offer Conversion Booster for our clients who are looking to maximize their conversion rate through the practice of scientific conversion testing. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-504-4324.

Thank you for listening – have a wonderful Wild Card Friday!