Wildcard Friday – Binghoo!: The Yahoo-Bing Merger

By Joe


Hello and welcome to Exclusive Concepts Daily Concept Video for Friday August 20, 2010. I am Joe your presenter…and I will be covering the latest breaking news on the Yahoo Bing merger creatively coined BingHOO?

For Starters, I think an important element to touch upon is the current search landscape. Currently Google is the leader in the space with what comscore reports in at 65% of the total US market share. Followed by Yahoo which holds about 17% and Bing with 11%.

However, as most of you should or already know, Bing and Yahoo, in an attempt to take down the big dog Google have decided to team up.

So what does this mean for Searchers? Well..Starting this week, yahoo has begun to power its search results with the Bing engine. They will still retain the Yahoo look and feel however the search results are slated to be identical and the total roll out should hit all datacenters by the years end.

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This will bring the total market share of Bings search results to about 28% which isn’t too bad being that they started out in May of ’09 with just 3%.

For Google it is clear that this merger is on their radar as they have made several attempts to make their search results more Bing Like. Earlier this year, they incorporated the 3 column search page with the filters similar to Bings including shopping filters, blog filters, news, videos, etc. They have even been making major changes to their algorithm in recent months to stay ahead of the curve in terms of serving up quality results. Only time will tell if the Binghoo! Merger will be effective in taking down the search behemoth that is Google, but one things is for certain 2010 is definitely an exciting year for search.

So thats all. Thank you for joining us on another segment of Exclusive Concept’s Daily Concept, Wildcard Friday.If you are looking to grow your revenue please reach out. Exclusive Concepts offers internet marketing services to many eCommerce websites. Our number is 1-800-504-4324. Thanks and have a great day!