When is the Best Time to Send – Email Thursday



So I’ve been asked by a number of people, “What is the best time and day for me to send my email?” And there’s an answer to this. The answer? It depends. Yes, an ambiguous answer but an answer none-the-less. “Gee, thanks Andy. But what does it depend on?” I hear you cry. Answer? Your test results. Yeeees, that’s right folks, it comes back to testing. The only way to know how your list will respond to your communications is to try different days and different times to see when you get the best result. Let’s dive a little deeper.

All ESP’s allow you to either “send now” or schedule a send at some point in the future. Tonight at 11pm, the third Thursday of October in 2056… they will all give you a choice. But how do you choose wisely? Well, you test. Try sending on Monday afternoon, do it 2 or 3 times, and look at the metrics. How did your list respond? What about trying the same experiment on a Saturday night or a Wednesday mid-day? If you test with a method, you will identify the times of day and days of the week that you get the highest open and click rates… the best engagement metrics.

Now, some ESP’s do this work for you every time that you send an email. In the example above on the right, you can see that there is enough aggregate data for each user to allow me to send at the optimal time of day or even day of the week for EACH USER. Cool. What this translates into is that when I send a campaign, it will land in the inbox of each user at the optimal time for that user based on their personal past open and click history. Kinda takes the guess work out of it.

If your ESP doesn’t have this option, you can recreate it manually through the testing method. But regardless of who you ask this common question to, you’ll always get the same response. It Depends.