What’s Exclusive Concepts Doing at IRCE 2010 Conference & Exhibition?

By Nik

It’s another wonderful year to share a week with some of the most fascinating folks in the world: online retail business owners.  Exclusive Concepts is thrilled to once again be a major contributor to the experience of the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition.  We’ll be stationed at booth #646 and have plenty to share with visitors that will help them on their way to growing their revenue and increasing their knowledge of marketing in the online retail world.  Some things to look out for are:

  1. Live Audits: You know them as some of the leading voices in the online marketing industry, but for a brief period of time, they are reserving their thoughts and advice for you.  Stop by booth #646 to get live audits of your growth opportunity by Exclusive Concepts top experts: Nik Rajpal, Dan Theirl and Scott Smigler – for free.
  2. iPod Touch: Someone will walk away with a free iPod Touch by simply handing us a business card.  Make sure to stop by booth #646 and catapult yourself into the running for the prize!
  3. Bullion Bars: It doesn’t get more enticing than that.  Stop by booth #646 and grab a gold bar squeeze toy with a secret URL on it to get free offers for IRCE attendees from Exclusive Concepts.  Consider it your entrance fee to squeeze into a world of new opportunities.
  4. OneTwoPunch: Scott Smigler (President, Exclusive Concepts) and Eric Yonge (President, EY Studios) will be joining up in giving presentations to highly qualified website owners in a live variation of the popular OneTwoPunch webinar series.  Are you prepared for the hot seat?

When: June 8-11, 2010

Where: Exclusive Booth #646, McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL

More Info: http://irce.internetretailer.com/2010/