Weekly Roundup of Luscious Links, November 4

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I can’t believe it’s November already, only three weeks to Thanksgiving, 51 days until Christmas. The days speed by faster the shorter they get, but you don’t really notice until daylight savings time is gone. Lots of links and lots of Google, a company that just doesn’t stop making news and shaking everyone up.

Google Watch

In London, this week, a conference called, The Media Battle: Why is it Google vs. Rest of World

CNET: Google hiring like it’s 1999.

Go to Google Video and watch videotaped interviews of television legends from the Archive of American Television. It’s free and in Quicktime. Must-see TV Archives from the Google blog and posted by guest blogger – Steve Mosko, President of Sony Pictures Television.

Because Google Video is growing so fast, it now has a video blog to showcase some of the videos that caught their attention. Already Google has one of the largest archives of videos on the web and boy, is it ever varied.

Microsoft’s Scobel on why Google is such a disruptive company

We don’t grok Google’s ability to ship stuff that won’t make them any money (or why they’d do that). Like Orkut, or even Google’s Maps (they don’t yet have any advertising on them). Microsoft is up against a brilliant Google strategy — one that’s aimed at disrupting all sorts of things that came before and one that’s aimed at our weaknesses (and at others too, all at the same time). Internally here at Microsoft each team has its own business interests to look after and considers itself accountable to shareholders to show same. We’re very decentralized. Google looks at its business holistically, not part by part like Microsoft does – it is very centralized compared to how Microsoft is run. Google tells its engineers to go and come up with cool services without thinking about monetization strategies — they say they’ll figure that out later. That’s disruptive.

Another passionate rant by Scobel, Yahoo’s new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft’s). He says Yahoo’s new map service is “Killer. Inspiring even.”

But, it’s doomed. So is our Virtual Earth.

Why? Cause we don’t even realize that Google is playing in the Superbowl and left us playing for the high school championships. It’s nice to win the high school championships, but it isn’t close to the Superbowl.

Google as Keeper of the Map

Google Ads: The Safety Net that Became a Trampoline –

New google tool to identify best keywords for SEO. Ad Keyword suggestion tool.

Google buying up dark fiber for its own internal use, not to become an ISP.

The Google library is open, preserving books in the public domain, with every page available online and searchable. Google’s partners: Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, the New York Public Library and the University of Michigan.

Google patent: Organic Results Ranked by User Profiling from Search Engine Journal.

Rick Segal on Microsoft vs. Google (VC Style)

Google’s plan of just giving away as much as possible and sharing revenue with everybody on everything is a dead simple message that everybody just gets. Regardless how evil or not you think Google is or isn’t, the message that developers are hearing is this: Use our stuff and let’s make money together.

It’s not all about Google

Apple sells a million videos in 20 days that can only be played on its newest iPod.

Another milestone as TV migrates to the Web. Full NBC Nightly News to Run Online.

Michael Arrington writes New Yahoo Maps Show the Power of Flash.

Don’t miss The War for Attention and Web Services .

Microsoft Introduces Web Services, Competing with Google and Yahoo. Windows Live and Office Live. Says the New York Times report

The strategic shift also represents an acknowledgment by the company, the world’s largest software publisher, that the Internet has once again changed the rules of business, forcing Microsoft to scramble to catch up.

Microsoft executives said that the company intended to take on both Google and Yahoo by making advertising-supported services the core of a broad new Web-based software applications business. Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder and chief software architect, said Tuesday that new Internet-based technologies were creating an era of “live software” that will change the software industry and transcend the boundaries of any particular computer or mobile device.

New search engines

Found is the new search

That’s the logo for Ma.gnolia, a search-site-to-be that describes its pitch, plain and simple, as “what you mark in Ma.gnolia not only stays found but keeps coming back to you as your interests change.”

A beta launch will occur in December. The temporary site, available here, boasts of enabling users to “discover the new evolution in growing or sharing information across town or across the globe.”

Search engine with stickies for My Own Private Internet


Apple gets its very own blog at Businessweek, Byte of the Apple

Via Scobel who says venture capitalist, Rick Segal gets to the heart of what rocks about corporate blogs

Well, I dunno about you, but having one of the designers tell me what they fixed, what didn’t get added, etc, tends to make the relationship I have with the product and by extension the people who made it, personal.

Jason Fry, a tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal writes a first person account on getting hooked on sports blogging, The Accidental Blogger. He teamed up with a friend to write about the Mets in Faith and Fear in Flushing

The juice is gone quickly just like always in Juicy Fruit and so is the blog. More snark here.

It’s come to this: Mom and Pop blogs for small business. A podcast from Marketplace on public radio, 3 minutes.

The Forbes article that’s making a lot of bloggers mad Attack of the blogs -an online lynch mob or embarrassed for the author as Shel Israel writes in Open Letter to Forbes Magazine.

Other Stuff.

Spray on computers.

The Specks are sensors with computational and communications capabilities that can be embedded in objects. They could be used as lighting and temperature sensors in buildings, placed in aircraft wings to detect failures or used to sensitise medicine bottles to ensure that people take their medication at the correct times.

Thousands of Specks, scattered or sprayed on a person or surfaces, will collaborate in programmable computational networks called Specknets. Scientists are even considering the idea of a putting the devices in a spray-can, allowing the Specks to be sprayed onto any surface.

This is cool: Travelocity is using RSS feeds to alert you when flight deals to where you want to go come up.

The National Association of Manufacturers now is offering videos of cool stuff being made.com. For Halloween, how halloween candy is made. Actually, a very good idea for any manufacturer – a short 2-3 minute film on your website. A terrific idea for any trade association.

Lawyers are paying more for click ads.

Barcode art by Scott Blake. Download portraits of Jesus, Oprah, Gates, Warhol and more, free and printable.