Weekly Roundup October 7

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Well it was a week of technical foul-ups and breakthroughs. We live in an amazing world what with Web 2.0 upon us.

To get up to speed, read Web 2.0 here, the follow the coverage of Web 2.0 here. The biggest news is that the mainstream media is buying up blog properties. They rank higher, bring real personal voices into the mix and new readers, all the better to make more money in online advertising. AOL Buys Weblogs, Inc.

Titans strut. Terry Semel, the head honcho at Yahoo, says Google has a scattered strategy, ” So far, they don’t seem to have a plan, but maybe they do. Maybe magic will happen tomorrow.” John Battelle reports that he suggested if Yahoo and Google were to be judged as competitive portals, he’s top dog while Google’s number 4. Semel also said “We will always be more open than Google.”

Unless they are down in their man-caves. What’s a man-cave you ask? It’s the home space and secret hideway for a prime demographic, like Lake Wobegon, “where the men are smart, the women are strong and the children are above-average”, only a man-cave is “where the TV screen can never be too big, the beverages can never be too cold and the home team can never score too many points”

Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, the highest ranking corporate blogger, says “Transparency is a competitive weapon.”

Downloading songs via your elbow. The London Times reports that the Human body is the best computer. According to the Japanese company NTT, your whole body is the perfect conductor for electronic data. Remember you heard about Red Tacton here first, even if it’s three months late.

Verisign has just acquired Dave Winer’s Weblogs.com for a reported $2 million. Weblogs.com is a ping server, quite different from Jason Calcanis’s Weblogs, Inc., that was sold to AOL. Weblogs.com is a free, standards-based service that lets millions of bloggers send notifications, or pings, when content has been updated. Michael Graves who publishes Intrablog, from verisign labs explains the rationale. Here’s what the man himself says, first “What a Day!” and closing with “Namaste y’all”.

Self-serving or informative. IBM has posted a web documentary Blogging Means Business. We report, you decide.

Microsoft will be offering color scales in the new Excel 12 according to the Excel blog. I like pumpkin, sage and olive myself, but then I’m an Autumn.

Yahoo’s Search by Life Events is going to make sense for a lot of marketers. Marketing Life.

Is there a Web-Based Office in your future? Well, maybe not for 5-10 years but there’s a good list of browser-based products you might be interested in.

Steve Ballmer Details Microsoft’s Security Strategy. Its new Client Protection product will use the fruits of its collaboration with the government to protect desktops, laptops and servers from existing and evolving malware threats.

In addition, the company announced the creation of the SecureIT Alliance, which will further enable participating security partners to efficiently integrate their solutions with the Microsoft platform to build new security features and products for the benefit of their common customers. “At Microsoft, we’re investing heavily in security because we want customers to be able to trust their computing experiences, so they can realize the full benefits of the interconnected world we live in,” Ballmer said.

Want to see what domain names Google is buying up? First list, last updated Sept 28. This list shows how they plan to dominate the universe.

Terry Heaton has a great post on The Accelerating Disruption.

I’m struck by how far behind the curve the mainstream is in things Internet. It’s clear to me that the opportunity exists for any mainstream media company to leapfrog competitors by YEARS, if they would only get involved in media 2.0 concepts. Look around. Mainstream companies are just now adopting technologies that myself and others have been talking about for years, while the leading edge of technological advancements are taking everything in a personal-empowerment direction. There is a HUGE window of opportunity for somebody, but I see no one stepping up to the plate.

He also comes away with a great quote from Esther Dyson, “You can no longer tell people about your brand; you have to let them experience it.”