Weekly roundup, October 28

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

“Is the world getting stranger or are we just seeing more of the strangeness?” asks Amanda Cogden.

Google Watch

What’s all this about Google Base?

John Battelle in Base.Google.Com (Or…All Your Base Are Belong to Google has a screen shot which shows a Google database of sorts where you can post your items on Google. More here

Like your car listings and events, CNET has more rampant speculation about Google Base.

Dirson of the New Google Blog expects “Google purchases”, the new micropayments system to be used as a complement to the new service.

The New York Times says Google found to be testing classified ads, potentially to compete with Craigslist and eBay.

Figuring out Smart Pricing on Google AdSense.

Google Describes Its Wi-Fi Pitch

We believe that ubiquitous, affordable Internet access is a crucial aspect of humanity’s social and economic development, and that working to supply free Wi-Fi is a major step in that direction.

Google’s Geo-targeted RSS Ads Surprise Advertisers.

Did you know that Google hates flash?. Remember that if you want to boost your search engine rankings.

Advertising accounts for 99% of Google’s revenue. John Battelle interviews the man who increased Google’s sales from 0 to $3 billion, Omid Kordestani.

Bambi Francisco says Google’s ultimate goal is to have a wire into our brains in order to have complete knowledge of who we are.

The Other Stuff

Bill Gates tells the BBC that Microsoft aims to trounce Google and people are underestimating what Microsoft is doing with search.

He said that competition had ultimately been good for web users because it had pushed search technology. This meant search would be “far better” in a year.

MSN announces MSN Book Search and joins the Open Content Alliance.

Scoble points to Waxmail – a program that lets you send a voice message from right inside your Outlook mail program. It’s free, requires a small download and a quick installation, then you just have to click a button to record an MP3 file. if you’re too tired of typing or just want to make a speech, this is for you.

In a few weeks, Yahoo will integrate its RSS technology into the My Yahoo personalized service. You’ll be able to add RSS feeds from Flick’r, even get Rocketboom which will be good because I hate it when I miss a day. Thanks Heather.

Plan a Trip in a Single Search with Yahoo Travel Trip Planner.

Trip Planner is a new tool that helps you organize your travel research from Yahoo! Travel and all over the Web to a trip plan. Save hotels, attractions, and useful web sites into your trip plan, then add your own notes, tags, driving directions and more. When you’re done, you can share your trip with a few friends or with the entire Yahoo! Travel community.

It had to happen some day. Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing for Dummies.

New search engines to try out:

Exaled lets you add shortcuts.

Flock. The Developer Preview is available. Om Malik says it landed with cheers and jeers.

Sphere for blog search will soon be in beta. You can sign up to try it out.

The Ten Commandments of Search Engine Optimization

@ just turned 34.

US online retail sales for Christmas are predicted to be $26.2 billion, up 22% from last year. The Whole Kit & Kaboodle.

SBC, whose purchase of AT&T was approved by the Justice Department along with Verizon’s purchase of MCI, will use the name of AT&T. There’s still a lot of value in Ma Bell. Everyone likes retro.

Beginning in October 2006, all new US passports will have RFID chip implants.

A new blog keeping track of business blogs Business blogging wire. It’s compiling a blist – a small business blog list. if you have one, send in the url. If you don’t, well, you will.

That is unless you’re too busy trying to win $10,000 by figuring out the clues in Up Your Budget.

Just for fun

If you’ve been working too hard and missing TV, you can still catch the best ads on TV or San Francisco in jello.