Weekly Roundup, October 21

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

We spend more of our time watching or listening to media than we do sleeping, according to this NY Post story, so you’ll have plenty of time to check out these links. We are living lives most humans can’t even imagine.

Firefox sees its 100 millionth download in a little under a year!

MSN AdCenter Gears Up. John Battelle says Microsoft will be offering audience targeting in what Microsoft calls search marketing. More on Microsoft’s AdCenter, a preview of the beta

Did you know a single photo takes the same space to store its data as 400,000 words? No wonder storage data companies are booming.

Advice from McDonald’s on starting a blog for a large corporation, “Engage your legal department early and often.” Selling the McBlog.

All the reasons why Yahoo’s profit is up.

Four out of five shoppers say free shipping is what they want and just what 79% of online retailers will offer this holiday season according to a recent study.

Up and coming for laptops, Convertibles: the new laptop bling.

If you have the new iPod with video, here’s how to get TV shows off your TiVo and onto your iPod so you can watch Monday Night Football Tuesday morning on the train.

There’s a secret code in color printers designed for the Secret Service to track counterfeiters or anything else. Tiny dots show where and when you made your print says the Electronic Freedom Frontier.

Ward Cunningham, the Father of Wiki quits Microsoft and moves to Open-Source Foundation.

Google Earth, Google Print, Google mashups, Google profit, Google baby, Google the $100 billion cap, all at Google Watch and More Google Watch

Ninetendo gamers can enjoy free wireless at 6000 MacDonalds in the US.

Weblogs go to school in Blogging 101

CNET’s top 100 blogs.

Staggering Stats on Blog Adoption. A recent survey finds that 55% of corporations have adopted blogs for internal use (91.4%) and external use (96.6%).

Yahoo announces that it would include blogs on all its news searches, saying it would give readers more access to “grassroots journalism.” Blogs take giant step toward mainstream.

“Realtor Blogs an excellent way to get business” says one realtor in the Wall St. Journal.(subscription only)

John Jantsch reveals his dirty little marketing secret – he reads People magazine to find out how most of the world thinks and buys.

Would you believe that one of the niche markets for the Apple iPod is in neuroimaging labs?