Weekly roundup November 25

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Well, if you’re still stuffed after Thanksgiving Dinner and its leftovers, too stuffed to go to the Mall and battle with all those people who have been there since 4 am, try Froogle. Froogle is smart shopping through Google, but it’s not just online, it’s local too. In fact, it’s a mashup…Froogle + Google maps. Type in what you’re looking for plus a location, say iPod near Burlington, MA. You’ll save hours of time locating that special product your nine-year-old can’t live without.

That’s how I found out that Apple has a new store at the Burlington Mall. If you’re out there, don’t miss their Grand Opening Sweepstakes with fabulous prizes that ends December 5, 2005

Google Watch

Meet Matt Cutts, Google’s Celebrity Engineer

Well, that was embarrassing. Google fixes glitch that unleashed a flood of porn on Google Base. With the safe search filter off, the amount of porn on Google Base is staggering considering it’s only been open for a week.

Google turns Heathrow into testing lab. Open up an Internet cafe, call it Google Space, road test your products, get feedback.

Google’s testing its click-to-call service and Om Malik reports. So does Greg Yardley who has screenshots. Click-to-Call AdWords

The Great Google Wipeout – Chronicle of a corporate death foretold

Problems with Google Analytics

And Elsewhere

BitTorrent has agreed to help curb access to movies. Agreement with Hollywood studios preserves its hopes for a bigger agreement later.

OSM: Excuse us while we change back into our pajamas. Graceful and funny backstep.

Net TV start-up lands $16 million in funding. Brightcove helps programmers syndicate shows across the Web and collect money for it.

The World Digital Library planned by the Library of Congress.


Women now account for 50% of technology purchases. Meet Jane Geek. Just watch how the major retailers will be changing the way they sell.

Sony steps in it big time. Sony’s Escalating Spyware Fiasco. Fans and artists are furious, lawyers and prosecutors are gleeful.

Well, I just got the iPod with video, so now I have to get the Belkin kickstand case.

It’s citizen marketing at the gates. Amazon’s customer collaboration via its product wikis (in beta).

MSN Unveils Ad Center to Compete with Google’s Adwords from Paul Chaney.


If you ban search spiders, you’ll be dropped in about 2 days from search results. Just ask Webmaster.

Search technology comes to the camera phone. Call it “mobile visual search” where you don’t have to type, just take a photo and send it to a database.

Vlogs, Blogs and Pods

Vlog soup by Steve Garfield, Boston’s first and premier vlogger.

Popcasts aggregates the most popular podcasts from many different directories and sites.

Download your favorite RSS and atom feeds to your iPod. iFeedPod

AOL Journals Ads Infuriates bloggers.

An IKEA fan blogs about IKEA.

The unofficial XBOX blog.

More museums are podcasting from Steve Rubel who also writes You can put a Technorati Mini in your Firefox Sidebar.