Weekly roundup November 11

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Happy 15th Birthday, World Wide Web.

James Boyle in the Financial Times writes Web’s Never-To-Be Repeated Revolution

It is the birthday of Tim Berners-Lee’s amazing idea that there could be a worldwide web, linked not by spider silk but by hypertext links and transfer protocols and uniform resource locators.

He says there are three things we need to understand about the Web

1. It’s more amazing than we think,

2. The conjunction of technologies that made the web successful was extremely unlikely and

3. We probably would not create it or any technology like it today, we would be more likely to cripple it or declare it illegal.

From the 10th annual Webby awards, 10 Web Moments that changed the world

Vlogs and Videos

Jeff Jarvis says iPod video has been a “ding” moment across media….”TV is exploding.”

Once again, there’s nothing new about iPod video any more than there was anything new about iTunes except that Apple made it so easy we could get what we want — and so obvious even media executives could figure it out: The control of the big, old networks on what goes in and what goes out is ending.

• Apple, I million videos sold in iTunes in 19 days. (4 million podcasts subscriptions to NPR)

• Porn – 500,000 “dirty downloads” in 24 hours from one network of amateur pinup girls.

• Burger King will be sponsoring a series of comedy videos, designed to be downloaded and played on the iPod, videos created by users.

• Adobe Photoshop launched the first iPod informerical.

ReelBlogs announces its video blog network.

CBS will distribute 3 episodes of Threshold online, the first time a major network is offering prime-time downloads through its own site, CBS.com. NBC not to be undone will sell episodes to 5 shows online and offer its nightly news free.

Round-up of online video-sharing services via the New York Times.

When Jackie Huba, the woman who wrote the book on customer evangelists, needed a new laptop, she asked her friends, bought a Powerbook and then made her first vlog for her blog, Church of the Customer.

NASA treats us to the 2005 hurricane season with time-lapse photography of all the 21 named hurricanes.


With MonitorThis, you can subscribe to 15 different search engine feeds at the same time. It’s like TalkDigger. via the RSS blog

TagCloud – automated tagcloud tool based on RSS feed.

Feedster offers self-service RSS Advertising. Says its Prez,

Feedster will allow large and small publisher to generate revenue from their feeds. As RSS continues to grow at rapid pace, advertisers are discovering RSS as effective targeted channel,” “RSS is a non-intrusive, opt-in platform that reaches users defined by what they elect to read through their RSS subscriptions.”

Your 7 Step RSS Marketing Plan from Marketing Profs.com

eBay stores offers RSS feeds making it much easier to keep track of those ten different auctions you’re following.

Online Marketing

At Ad:Tech, Local Businesses’ Search Efforts Lagging.

Two-thirds of small businesses are confused about online marketing,” said panelist Greg Sterling, an analyst with the Kelsey Group. “Nobody is advising small and medium businesses how to get in front of the online consumer. Consumer adoption of the Internet… has been far greater than corresponding use of online marketing by small business.”

Local.com adds Ingenio Pay Per Call Search Advertising

Pay Per Call is an ideal model for local advertisers who rely on the phone as a customer conversion tool, but need to tap the growing pool of consumers searching online for local products and services.

The future of online marketing budgets. Skate to where the puck is going.

What the execs said when asked Do Blog Ads Create Buzz?

Yahoo’s Secret Sauce , Yahoo Tivo, Yahoo Phone, Yahoo Fish Store


It’s the Google Economy.

Google Desktop 2 Out of Beta, Adds Maps You can download it here and you may as well choose among more than 100 plug-ins available for your Google Sidebar.

Google brings maps to phones. Its application can be used on more than 100 current phones that use the Java Brew programming language. That’s Cingular, Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile but not Verizon, Blackberry or Palm.

Gaming Google Lunch

Why is Google’s New Jet a Boeing 767-200 with 2 staterooms, a shower and seats for 50, ‘Good for the World’?

The Motley Fool speculates about what’s on Google’s shopping list in Google’s Next Buy


Gates memo and Ozzie’s too leaked to a blog – MS CTO Ozzie “Our business as we know it is at risk.”

For you powerpoint presenters out there, don’t miss Presentation Zen on Gates, Jobs & the Zen aesthetic

Study: CEOs find blogs useful for communicating new ideas and news, providing an informal channel of communication and getting instant feedback.

John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO, is blogging his “Radical” views on social responsibility without a PR person in sight.

How businesses get blogged. Nice to know General Mills and 3M are paying attention.


Following the Supreme Court’s ruling in MGM v. Grokster, Grokster’s peer-to-peer music sharing network shuts down to settle the lawsuit brought by major record companies, movie studios and music publishers.

Given the popularity of the iPod and iTunes with their elegant, easy-to-use interface, I’m not surprised that more than 1 million Windows to Mac converts so far in 2005.

Microsoft’s AntiSpyware Rebranded “Windows Defender and will be bundled into Windows Vista.

If you thought you could use PayPal to launder untaxed money, PayPal is naming names to the IRS of those who use the service to evade paying US taxes.

Very glad to hear that BugMeNot is NOT Dead

Friendster’s getting flak for its marketing faux pas

The Future of Media (aka Please Take my RSS feed by a VC in NYC.

1, Microchuck it – Reduce the content to its simplest form.

2. Free it – Put it out there without walls around it or strings attached.

3. Syndicate it – Let anyone take it and run with it.

4. Monetize it – Put the monetization and tracking systems on the microchuck

Why did Robert Murdoch pay $583 million for MySpace? Do you even know what MySpace is? Or that they are creating their own record label Om Malik explains why MySpace is bigger than Google

Will SBC be successful in charging Google and Yahoo a fee for bringing them into consumers’ homes or will they continue to use SBC pipes for free? SBC Head Ignites Access Debate “We paid for those pipes,” says SBC Chairman Edward Whiteacre

Why should they be allowed to use my pipes? The Internet can’t be free in that sense, because we and the cable companies have made an investment and for a Google or Yahoo or Vonage or anybody to expect to use these pipes free is nuts,” he said.

Finally, the MIT study on aluminum foil hats. Do they work or not?