Weekly Roundup January 20, updated Jan 23

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

It’s a snowy day here in Boston, but that’s okay when you have hot links.

I for one am happy that Steve Jobs stands to make $3.5 Billion from Disney’s acquisition of the Pixar studios.

The battle between the search titans may get more complicated if any of the proposals by telecom companies becomes law writes Christopher Stern in the Washington Post. Coming Tug of War Over the Internet.

Million dollar homepage targeted by extortionists. Success draws outlaws.

Has Sony found a way to make e-books easy-to-read and easy-to-use? Terry Teachout on A Hundred Books in Your Pocket.

Wired says the new device is generating buzz worthy of a Stephen King novel. Screening the Latest Bestseller.

Google, Yahoo! Lead Parade of Bad Tech News. One earnings miss after another. S&P downgrades Google stock to sell. Is Google out of steam?

That didn’t stop Google from buying dMarc Broadcasting, a radio advertising company. Could this be an easy way for small businesses to get their message out without a middleman? Will we be talking about Google Voice? Here’s the author of The Google Story talking to the Washington Post about Google taking to the airwaves.

But thank you Google for finally adding a delete button to gmail.

Why worry about the NSA wiretaps when we have Google? Forgot What You Searched For? Google Didn’t

DoJ search requests: Google said no; Yahoo, MSN and AOL yes

It’s the 20th birthday for the first PC virus. Remember the Love Bug?

The most vulnerable thread to America’s internet infrastructure may lie under our feet. The Backhoe: A Real Cyberthreat.

Did you know that the 3% tax on cell phones originated 107 years ago with Teddy Roosevelt and the Spanish American War? Neither did I.

Lessons learned from the SEO contest – MSN failing bigtime.

Robert Scobel tells you why you need the new Windows Vista.

Making your website accessible for the disabled can win you unexpectedly loyal customers. Knitting for the Blind.

Learn how to become a customer evangelism evangelist.

How to create great business blogs that get people talking.