Weekly Roundup, December 16, 2005

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

When you move, there’s always a couple of days when you’re without internet access which is why I’m a bit late with the weekly round-up. Ten years ago whoever would have thought internet access would be way more important than television or landlines? I’m finally set up and here is a dish of delicious links.

Andrew Pavel, the man who invented the portable, personal music player and battled rejection, ridicule and Sony for 25 years. Think of him when you put on your earphones.

Yahoo Widget Engine offers to non-Apple users the fun of widgets on your desktop. So that’s what they did with Konfabulator.

Carl Ichan invests tens of millions in HowStuffWorks.

Yahoo hires DARPA director to head research.


Portals and KM revisits CEO Blogs, the ones that have been blogging a while and some that have just jumped in.

See the finalists for best video blog of the year and the winner here.

Blogspotting points to Horse Bliss by Daniel Wetherell, a horse whisperer who tells his secrets bit by bit.

Will we have blogs on the back of Cheerios boxes soon?

With an alliance from Movable Type, Yahoo now hosts blogs for small business. Big Kudos says Scott.

When Typepad goes down, the call for open standards goes up.

Steve Rubel remembers how eBay learned, survived and thrived from a similar debacle.

Will bloggers go for structured blogging? I don’t think so if you have to fill out a form for different entries.


Some VCs are accepting podcast pitches says Amanda Wattlington.

It’s the new “white paper” – IBM has podcasts for its investors, like IBM and the Future of Shopping.

Online Marketing

MSNBC made the biggest blog ad buys in history, purchasing ads on 300 blogs writes Paul Chaney.

Firefox has finally broken the Explorer monopoly. Don’t forget to download the latest which is easier than ever.

More on the Long Tail – from MIT overturning the 80/20 rule.

Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Journal calls 2005, the year of Matt Cutts who blogs about Gadgets, Google and SEO and does great interviews.

Did I mention that Yahoo has bought del.icio.us?

SEO practitioners, the Web’s lobbyists?


For $1 billion, Google is buying 5% of AOL and will give AOL favored placement. And it beat out Microsoft.

The Google side of your brain. Why we search instead of going to the library or calling Mom.

Google gets its groove on. It’s finally launching its music offering and pointing to iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.


If you’re still looking for some last minute gifts, why not do some more good as well. Bill Ives has a good list of New Orleans CDs that will benefit the Katrina victims.

Need an excuse to avoid another party? Try the holiday excuse generator.

It’s a busy week finishing stuff so we can take time off and enjoy family, friends and a tipple of brandy which I’ve learned has enough antioxidants as your daily requirement of vitamin C. Fruitcake infused with brandy is a health food!