Weekly Round-up Jan 13, updated Jan 16

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

It’s cold out there, so come inside, warm your tootsies and read some hot links from last week and the holiday weekend.

Boston has its own one-stop site for blogs called Gather which has won $6 million in venture capital in its quest to become the eBay for blog writers. Gather wants to bring together amateur writers to compete with About.com’s experts.

So far it’s brought out the critics. Mathew Ingrim . Kareem Mayan. Om Malik Jason Calacanis.

Could Yahoo Music become Apple iPod’s Achilles’s heel?

Microsoft will continue to develop the Office product for the Mac for at least the next five years.

Despite its legal problems, Blackberry announces partnerships with Google and PocketMac. Blackberry users now have access to Google Talk and Google local.

50 milliseconds. That’s how long it takes potential readers to judge your site.

Watching Sex and the City and want to get a pair of shoes just like Carrie’s? Click on them. Microsoft hopes to cash in with video click-on ads. That’s in addition to its new system for selling ads alongside search results. They are bringing outsourcing inside to its new adCenter.

A content consortium to put the screws to Google?

St. Lawrence of Google.

Google’s testing local ads on maps.

Google looks to patent mobile click-to-call ads.

Google video has its own Video Player and now a Google Video store. From the Google blog, here’s a brief list of their video providers, mostly free.

Finally Google Earth for the Mac. I’ll get to see what all the talk was about.

Apple files ‘Mobile Me‘ as a US trademark. Is the iPod to add a cellphone?

Apple will sell Saturday Night Live skits at the iTunes store for iPod use.

Want to have a pro monitor the blogosphere for you? It will cost about $60,000/year.

Lessons learned from the SEO contest, speed of indexing.

Should Sprint have revealed the location of the SUV that had a cell phone and a kidnapped baby inside?