Weekly Round-up, December 27

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas or Hannukah because this is the week we are inundated with lists, “best-ofs” and predictions.

2005 Foot-in-Mouth Awards from Wired.

Best tech moments of 2005.

Best Web Companies and Innovators of 2005.

Top 10 tech trends for 2006.

The 50 greatest tech gadgets of the past 50 years by Dan Tynan in PC World.

2005 Search Engine Blog Awards and the winners are Technorati weblog and Jen Sense.

Dave Winer’s predictions for 2006.

Jason Calcanis makes his own 2006 predictions.

So does John Battelle.

Ray Ozzie looks back and looks forward.

From the Adobe corporate blog, links to the best photos of the year. Darren Barefoot links us to the best Flick’r photos of 2005.

The future is bright for Internet ads, a round-up of surveys.

Amazon had its best season ever with 108 million items shipped worldwide and 99% on time.

Other stuff

Now you can see the patterns in your own search history, that is if you turn on personalized search after you log into your Google account. They call it the trends feature. When you mash them all search patterns of the entire world together, you have the Google Year-End Zeitgeist.

Here’s a handy guide to all the features Google offers for web search, including some new ones.

Googleblog explains the AOL partnership. Our Scott analyzes it after wondering whether AOL will have an unfair advantage.

Search Marketing After the Google, AOL Deal. Microsoft the also ran.

The Google dance. How unscrupulous firms are manipulating Google’s indexing.

Really cool ways to sort your email with gmail and find out who’s selling your email address.

The new icon for rss feeds that Microsoft will use in Internet Explorer and so will Firefox. It’s still orange.

Disney site lets customers design products.

With the voice of experience, Rex says burn a backup CD of tunes you purchase from the iTunes store

The Dynamics of Digg, from non-existence to net publishing powerhouse and challenging Slashdot for the crown of nerd news.

Beginning to undo a nine year partnership, NBC takes control of MSNBC, reducing Microsoft’s role.

Microsoft buys the Opera browser giving MS an entry into the mobile market.

Adweek says new research shows one in five blogs is spam.

Here’s a list of all the airports in the US that offer free Wi-Fi.

Reuters News has opened up its lab. You can now add their video content to your site, add a Reuters dashboard, screen stocks and download the news in audio.

If you don’t want to pay for TV shows you wouldn’t watch for free, blinkx.tv To Go gives you free videos for downloading to your video iPod.

An extreme makeover for Yahoo’s search ads coming up.

Enjoy this in-between week, between the years. See you Friday.