Weekly Round-Up December 2

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

It’s only December 2nd. Why do I feel behind in my Christmas shopping already? It’s one of those natural mysteries like why do you always find what you’ve misplaced after you’ve bought a replacement? Or if nobody cares if Jimmy cracks corn, why is there a song about him?

I could go on, but you want your links.

Videophones are here, why don’t we use them? Is it just bad hair days? Skype has free video phone calling

You know all those searches you make on Yahoo? They are just part of your online behavior that Yahoo will now use to target ads.

If you’ve got a lot on unread messages in your email in-box, Microsoft hopes you will SNARF it.

Google says Microsoft is its biggest competitor, on the horizon at least.

Harvard tells businesses to “embrace blogging” but do it right.

If you want to know more about Craig Newmark and why he is having such a disruptive effect on newspapers, don’t miss Craig$list.com

Hypermaps of Boston from StrataVarious. Pretty neat.

Google is urging any merchant with a website to upload their inventory to Froogle. Why not use this free service so customers in your area know what you have and you’re included in their searches . Get started here www.google.com/sellonfroogle/

U.S. Border guards are googling and that’s why Hossein Derakhshan is saying Goodbye to America

Robert Scobel went to Ireland and found Doogle.

Will the Internet have tollbooths set up by ISPs? Called “Pay-for-performance” or faster loading, this idea from BellSouth would be terrible for small businesses.

The Cyber Monday results.

12,000 people in a blind taste test – MSN, Google, and Yahoo. Seth Godin’s take – Can more than 50% be wrong?

What would you do if a close friend owned a jewelry store that was destroyed by fire just as the Christmas season started? Well, Paul Chaney says Patti Thompson is also a small business blogger known as the Diamond Diva Online and his first blogging client. Patti is blogging the story of her recovery and selling her jewelry on eBay. Paul asks business bloggers to link to her and so we have. Now we can ask What’s the value of a weblink?

Would you believe that businesses will spend $50 -$100 million on blog advertising and marketing this year? Louise Story writes about corporate ad money flowing the bloggers’ way in the New York Times.

Microsoft is trying classifieds to compete with Google Base and Craigslist. Charlene Li at Forrester thinks it’s much better than Google Base.

Podcasts are providing a new business model for NPR – some are pay, some are free with ads.

RSS is now integrated into Yahoo Mail and Alerts, making Yahoo Mail a full-fledged RSS Reader

Support “a la carte” cable pricing. The FCC likes it. No surprise the cable companies prefer bundling.

The Mac Mini will be reborn as a digital hub called Kaleidoscope as your living room command center for all your digital media including a dock for your iPod.

The indispensable Find A Human website by Paul English is getting lots of notice. His company kayak.com is by far the best travel search engine you can use.

If you don’t know what to do about dinner, try Search engine cooking. Just put in all the ingredients you have on hand and search. My Dinner with Google