Weekly Round-Up Dec 9

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

I’ve found a way to add even more stress to the Christmas season – moving! No kidding, I’m packing or thinking about packing and all I have to do by my move date next week while I’m heading off to Chicago for a party weekend. Don’t worry – your links and they will be next week too.

Online Predictions for 2006 from B to B executives. Topping the list – Internet video.

European publishers say online content cannot remain free. They don’t like Google making money on text ads and pointing readers to their sites. They say it infringes on copyright. Google says “Search engines do not reproduce content. They help users find content by pointing to where it exists on the Web.”

3 million videos sold in 2 months at the iTunes Music Store. More NBC shows available for purchase including Law and Order, Dragnet and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Even more, they add SciFi, USA and Disney shows as well. Will this model for unbundling work?

RSS Investors is a $100 million private equity fund, set up to invest in web technologies, and it just made their first investment in Attensea “piping RSS around the enterprise”.

Should you need reminding that the future is here, soon they’ll be Printing Organs on Demand.

NASA ditches IE for Firefox. Or so rumor has it.

“Dell Hell” had a measurable impact on the Dell Brand. “Lasting and negative” were the words in a new white paper.

Yahoo is adding a Skype-like ability to its IM service.

Yahoo’s Site Explorer – a tool to explore pages the pages from your site in the Yahoo Search Index and the in-links to those pages – is now going international. Also at the link – how to submit your site feeds.

Wahoo! Yahoo’s become a Web 2.0 Powerhouse.


Can there be another Google? Wall St wants in on the phenomenon that is Google, but is settling for niches.

Can Google Go Glossy? Can the advertising juggernaut make money selling print ads, 8 to a page?

The Google rules of corporate culture, aka its social contract with its workers, gives its people “room to do great things” 20% of the time.

Google’s Ten Golden Rules to get the most out of knowledge workers.

Froogle: Shopping Made Complex. Not enough local content – yet.

Google Blogs United


Podcast is the word of the year beating out bird flu, life hack, trans fat, ICE, IDP and IED. Personally, I liked “squick”.

If you think your company would benefit from Podcasting, check out the first corporate podcast guidelines from IBM

Supply meet Demand. Online Ad Market grows, keyword prices fall


Via the Marketing Diva, Corante has a different take. It’s building blog “hubs” not networks, each around a specific topic like marketing

The Wall St Journal says Tech Blogs produce a new elite to help track the industry’s issues. (free, you don’t need a subscription).

A Florida school superintendent blogs and gets hundreds of comments. If he’s blogging, why isn’t your company?


Asking the Internet. Your first look at Yahoo Answers

People Younger Than You

Neopets and a virtual animal kingdom. What do 20 million kids know that you don’t.

Young people (12-24) prefer their iPods and Internet radio to traditional radio. So do I.

The MySpace Generationfrom BusinessWeek. “They live online. They buy online. They play online. Their power is growing.” Imagine 40 million members with social networks as their medium.

The Gamer as Artiste. The New York Times asks if games can move people emotionally or intellectually in the manner of great art.

Xbox 360 in short supply. Customers are not happy. Did Microsoft miss a marketing opportunity? Is this the worst marketing campaign ever?

So Much Younger Than Today

25 years ago, John Lennon was killed. Where were you? Gerard Van der Leun, who had filmed John and Yoko the day before remembers the day the 60s ended. Shrinkwrapped interviewed the killer David Chapman on his admittance to Bellevue and reflects.