Web 2.0

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

You may be wondering just what is this Web 2.0 that’s gotten every one so excited. With the sold-out Web 2.0 conference underway, here are some definitions.

From Wikipedia on Web 2.0

O’Reilly and Battelle summarized key principles they believe characterize web 2.0 applications: The web as platform; data as the “Intel Inside”; network effects driven by an “architecture of participation“; innovation in assembly of systems and sites composed by pulling together features from distributed, independent developers; lightweight business models enabled by content and service syndication; the end of the software adoption cycle (“the perpetual beta”); software above the level of a single device: leveraging the power of “the Long Tail.”

via Evelyn Rodriguez, Web 2.0 and Business Models

Companies that survived and prospered after the dotcom bust, including Yahoo, Google, Amazon.com and EBay, weren’t just smarter than the companies that went bust. Their business model was fundamentally different. In the Web 1.0, the user was consuming content created by someone else. In Web 2.0, the content is created by the user. 1.0 is an “architecture of consumption,” and read-only,” the Web 2.0 is “architecture of participation,” O’Reilly said. On the old Web, the user is the audience, in the new Web, the user is participant.

“In Web 1.0, everybody was trying to build ‘walled gardens,’ find ways to keep sites ‘sticky,’ keep people in,” O’Reilly said. The Web 2.0 is about pushing content–and users–out to find, explore and organize interesting and useful things elsewhere on the Web. For example, the Flickr photo-sharing sites provides a platform to allow users to publish photos to other sites.

Information Week, Wishing I was at the Web 2.0 conference

Wired asks Are you ready for Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is shaking up the status quo in web publishing, and feeding a surge of dealmaking. Small Web 2.0 companies are already being snapped up by internet giants.

Seth Godin summarizes Tim O’Reilly’s slide, the Web2MemeMap The classic attributes of a Web 2.0 Company. “It’s not new, it’s now”

Attitude, not technology?The Long Tail ?Data is the “intel inside”?Hackability?Perpetual Beta?Right to Remix (some rights reserved)?Software that gets better the more people use it?Emergent user behavior not predetermined?Play?Granular addressability of content?Rich user experience?Small pieces loosely joined (web as components)?Trust your users

Russ Mayfield, CEO of Socialtext, says, “Web 1.0 was commerce. Web 2.0 is people.”

The conference began today with 13 companies showing off their stuff. Biggest wow was Zimbra, an open-source collaboration suite that promises to fix broken email. Jeff Jarvis is there and posting like mad.

The Web is changing with increasing velocity, so hold on to your hats. You can follow what everyone’s saying at Technorati, web.2.0