Watch this Webinar: Maximizing Feeds in Google, Facebook and Amazon

By EXCLUSIVE Insights Team
TOPICSAmazon, Featured, Google, Social Media

Product feeds power so many e-commerce platforms, it’s essential to have a good understanding of your feeds and the insights from them to succeed in e-commerce. Watch our webinar to find out how to optimize your product feed for Facebook, Google and Amazon so you get maximum visibility and return on investment (ROI). Craft the smartest campaigns out there once you know the top sources for your data, how to assign bids by priority, four types of feed data and how to incorporate all that into your feed strategy.

From targeting your product ads to winning the buy box, the answers are here. Start with the EXCLUSIVE one-stop data warehouse and Smart Data Feed platform that consumes your insights across the board for a single view of your data to give you highly targeted campaigns, cross selling and more SEO tools in an easy, interactive dashboard.