Using Enhanced Brand Content to Supercharge Your Amazon Sales

By Mike Frekey
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If you’re an Amazon Seller Central merchant bemoaning your inability to use robust A+ content in your listings, you’ll be delighted to learn about Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). This underused feature is ideal for ambitious, private-label merchants because it can attract more visitors and create an upscale, unique shopping experience.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Think of EBC as an A+ page for third-party sellers, but with lower costs. (EBC is only designed for use on Amazon Seller Central.) As with A+, EBC gives users access to rich content features for creating an attractive page design. Smaller sellers are no longer confined to just bullets and a tight block of straight text. While EBC doesn’t give you complete control over the HTML on the page, there are five available templates that are easy to setup and use, and all of them support graphics within the product descriptions.

EBC allows you to choose from five available page templates to create more robust listings

EBC lets you:

  • Create content that’s easy to quickly scan for the desired information
  • Format subheadings: bold, italic and underlined text is available, as well as paragraph breaks and bullet points
  • Add images inline (within the item description) for a slicker presentation
  • Separate your product information into easily readable chunks of content
  • Additionally, the current beta version of EBC allows sellers to include qualifying videos.

Getting Started with EBC

Here’s how easy it is to use Enhanced Brand Content in your listings.

  1. Choose Enhanced Brand Content from the Seller Central’s Advertising drop-down menu.
  2. Select a template from the five available options. These templates combine titles, headers, text and images (banner, main and product images) in different ways.
  3. Add your product content and images. Note that your images and any graphics must be high-quality, and for the sake of your audience, they should be engaging as well. You’ll get messages if you need to change any wording or if the image isn’t up to snuff, and the tool will also let you know how much additional copy you can add.
  4. Submit the EBC page for review. The page will be checked by Amazon and may get returned to you for adjustments if it includes any forbidden content (such as references to price, which isn’t allowed in this content).
  5. Once approved, your listing will be automatically updated to the enhanced version.

EBC can be found under the Advertising menu in Amazon Seller Central

See this Amazon Enhanced Brand Content video for additional guidelines on how to build effective EBC listings.

Monitor Your Sales Results

Be sure to regularly monitor your listing so that you can see what kind of impact Enhanced Brand Content has on your sales figures. Check sales velocity in addition to conversion rates (Order Item Session Percentage is your conversion rate), which you can see in your Seller Central Sales and Traffic reports. Compare date ranges from before and after using EBC.

The bottom line: If your sales have been flat and uninspiring, maybe all you need is to enhance the user experience! Enhanced Brand Content gives you an easy way to do this. Contact EXCLUSIVE for a free audit to help you rollout and manage your EBC campaigns.