Up Your Budget

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

The nation’s third largest car rental company, Budget Rent-a-Car, is using ONLY BLOGS to offer $10,000 in 16 cities. It’s a treasure hunt and you have to visit their blog to find the clues to find the sticker that’s been placed in a public location. There are daily Quicktime video clip clues too. Up your budget treasure hunt blog.

Adrants says

Who needs mainstream media when you have the consumer-generated, conversational power of weblogs and social media? Already the thing is spreading like crazy. This is truly very cool.

Marketing maven B.L Ochman came up with the idea. Hugh MacLeod, the cartoonist for the adventure, says

Blogads’ Henry Copeland calls it “a quantum leap forward for the medium”, and also says, “Budget has launched the first blue-chip marketing campaign created by a blogger, illustrated by a blogger, run on blog software, advertised exclusively on blogs and first reported by blogs.”.

MediaBuyerPlanner says: Ads are running on about 40 of the top blogs that cover the topics of lifestyle, music, and baseball, among others. “The point is to prove that traditional media does take the news from us these days,” said Ochman. With that in mind, Budget has not even prepared a press release about the campaign.