Turn Your Postman Into Your Sales Guy

By Nik

Since it’s sometimes hard to appreciate how versatile your e-mail marketing program can be, we’ll humanize the concept today and look at it from a different perspective. Essentially, we’re going to conceptualize the optimal approach to turning your postman into a sales person for your company. This exercise will help us get a better appreciation for how far we can push e-mail marketing.

Presentation is incredibly important.

Here, we juxtapose the wrong hire, exemplified by Newman, the lazy and evil postman played by Wayne Knight on the hit show, Seinfeld – against the iconic postman. If you had your pick of postmen to hire on your behalf to sell cookies for example, Newman would be the absolute wrong hire. He is unpolished, know for being untimely (if not straight out forgetting to deliver mail) and in general is not good company to have around. The right hire is the postman that you look forward to meeting every day and cheers you up. He’s polished, always brings your mail on time and is reliable. You trust him.

What kind of difference would you see in their salesmanship styles? A huge difference – essentially the difference between getting a positive reaction and getting a negative response.

The wrong postman-turned-salesperson would not be familiar with each individual customer at all. A lack of appreciation does not merit friendliness or loyalty from your customers. Newman would be very good at having the door slammed in his face. Would he be able to sell your cookies? Not a chance!

The right option, known not as just the mail man, but as Charles by his customers would be a great postman to deliver your brand, build loyalty, show reciprocity and ultimately get sales for your company. He knows his customers by name, shows sympathy and connects with individuals. Charles brings out a sense of loyalty from his customer, Mr. Dickens. Mr. Dickens shops at a lot of places for quite a few different things, but nobody is quite as kind, friendly and personable as Charles. So would the customer, Mr. Dickens buy a few boxes from Charles? Absolutely. He’ll take 2.

We’ve conceptualized a great strategy for hiring the right postman to be your cookie salesperson and what kind of sales training would benefit your bottom line the most. Now, let’s turn this into an e-mail marketing scenario.

If your e-mail presentation is unpolished, or too broad in its content – then you should expect your customer to feel unappreciated. If on top of that your timing is off, then you really shouldn’t expect more than dumb luck to be the driver of whatever clicks and sales you currently get from your e-mail marketing.

It may be time for you to put a new postman out there to be your salesman. Make your e-mail presentable – a recipient should think that you put some effort into your work and didn’t simply send them a unwarranted solicitation. Be timely – especially when it comes to the right message and the right products you’re displaying. If a customer of yours bought a product that needs to be replenished every 3 months, be the caring proactive postman that says “Mr. Dickens, I though you may be running low on those cookies and I know how much you love them – would you like more?”. That called triggered messaging and the concept allows you to customize so much that you can have them sent out at the right time, use past purchase information to customize them and even information about the person themselves that you have data on.

That’s the type of e-mail that will get sales. That’s the type of postman that would make a fantastic cookie peddler.

Routine, polished e-mails that create a strong loyalty between you customer and your store that is tactically sprinkled with triggered campaigns at the right time, to the right person with the right message. It’s a combination that would make the US postal service profitable again. Sure, we only offer it for e-commerce stores.