Traffic and Search Stats

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

From comScore:

Due to Katrina and Rita, was the highest-gaining site in September, getting 5 times more traffic than they did in August. FEMA’s website was second in growth.

Visits to religion sites grew 10% from August to September.

The return of students resulted in a 48% visitation increase on and from August to September.

And from Internet Retailer:

Of all the major search engines, MSN’s users topped the list of least-informed searchers: 31% of MSN searchers were not aware of the existence of sponsored links. Ask Jeeves and Google users were the most savvy, with only 18% and 19% (respectively) of users unaware of the sponsors.

When asked why they use their preferred search engine, the majority of AOL (65%), Yahoo (52%), and MSN (63%) users chose, “I also spend time on the site checking mail, reading news, or conducting other non-search related activities??? as the reason. Google was the only search engine chosen because of its function: the majority (68%) of Google users chose it because it returns the best search results.