Three Simple & Effective Email Imaging Tips – Email Thursday

By Ken
TOPICSEmail Marketing

Want to know how to make better Email Marketing Emails with Images? Here are Three Simple & Effective Email Imaging Tips:

Clicking is Fun:

People in general like to click on logos, product shots and brand names. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your Click Through Rate.

Next time you find yourself incorporating images to your email, make sure you make them clickable.

Text-Based Call-To-Actions are Smart:

Image blocking is a big problem email senders and receivers have to deal with everyday, and its only going to get worse as more email clients block images by default as a way to protect users against spam and viruses.

Keeping that in mind, having one or more text based Call-To-Action’s strategically positioned in your email even when already using image based Call-To-Action’s can make a huge difference on your bounce rate in situations when images are blocked.

Also it would be highly recommended to add a cohesive “alt” tag in case images are disabled.

Size Matters (Bigger Image Mapping):

When you have an offer-related image mapped so that only the “click here” text area drives the action and not the full image, you are restricting where readers can click, making it more difficult for them to respond to your offer. That will affect your Click Through Rate.

Next time when mapping images for your email try increasing the size of your image mapping by making the entire image clickable. You will be surprised the impact this small change can have on your Click Through Rate.


So there it is, three simple but effective tips on how to maximize the usage of images in emails.

Always remember, making Click-To-Action’s as clear and obvious as possible will make your email marketing more effective in driving conversions.

Hope this is of some help and thank you for reading.