The Year of Contextual Marketing

By Scott

A few weeks ago, everyone and their mother spent time making predictions for 2006. Now it’s time for me to make mine.

2006 will be the year of in-context advertising.

First – Google’s AdSense. Up until recently, I was very bearish on AdSense. I just wasn’t impressed with the results our clients experienced using their program. As Google enhanced the program by filtering out spammy sites, sharing best-practices with advertisers, and allowing advertisers to target their ads to specific websites, the results have improved greatly… and they will continue to improve.

Second – Yahoo. They are building a new network similar to Google’s, although they seem to be more selective. Maybe they are just beta-testing, or maybe they are trying to build a higher-end network than Google’s which any site can join.

Third – Blog networks. Running text ads on blogs will be HUGE. Why? Popular blogs, by their nature, are fairly niche oriented, and the good ones attract a loyal viewer base. New networks are emerging that will allow advertisers to push pay per click ads through to these blogs in order to get targeted traffic. Blog owners are likely to work with these “blog networks?? because they will keep a greater share of the ad revenue, and will have more customization options.

If you haven’t thought about content advertising… now’s the time to start!