The Web, Mission-Critical

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Cory Treffiletti spent three weeks without the Web. This is what he said,

After spending three weeks without a stable connection at home, I found out how much I have come to depend on the Web. I couldn’t find restaurants where I was meeting friends. I couldn’t access information on storage companies, which I needed once I realized my little New York apartment wouldn’t have enough space for my stuff. I felt so alone and out of touch in the biggest city in the U.S. It was horrible!


If you ever sit in a meeting with a client or with a director of marketing who asks, “Why should I be advertising on the Web,” be sure to ask them the question: “When was the last time you went three weeks without it?” I think I can safely say it’s the only mission-critical medium that exists today. I still haven’t turned on my TV, nor do I have a home phone. The power is on, and I have access to the Web. What more do I really need?

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