The SEO Pyramid – Choosing SEO Keywords – SEO Monday

By Joe


On this weeks SEO Monday video, I am going to explain a concept I am developing called the SEO Pyramid. The SEO Pyramid can be used to teach you how to use it to choose keywords for your website. Now, the SEO pyramid, like any pyramid is very narrow at the top and very wide at the bottom. Much like the keyword strategy you typically want to employ when optimizing your website, you want to choose shorter and usually higher searched keywords for the homepage as most of your power to rank is present here you want to leverage this strength to rank for these more competitive shorter tail terms As you move down the pyramid or website hierarchy you want to choose longer tail keywords for more specific themes throughout your website. These longer tail keywords are usually less difficult to rank for which in turn is easier for your less authoritative internal pages to rank for.

For example, lets say you are choosing SEO keywords for your online guitar shop. Your homepage aka pyramid tip is going to want to target your broadest most searched terms. On average these are typically shorter terms that are more often searched and reflect a buyer in the beginning stage of the buying cycle, therefore your homepage is the perfect place for them to begin their quest.
For arguments sake, we will pretend that competition is not a factor here. So for the homepage in a perfect world, my guitar site would be optimized for the most searched yet most unspecific terms. Looking at the numbers, I would choose guitars, electric guitars, and acoustic guitars as these are the largest and most broad terms in this niche.

Moving down the pyramid into my category pages you want to take it a step further by choosing keywords that are slightly less searched on average, typically less competitive however slightly more specific. In this instance I would lay my site out by brands of guitars . So for a searcher looking for a Gibson guitar, I would want my Gibson Category page to be the page to come up when someone types that term. If they were more educated in their search they may be looking for a more specific type of Gibson guitar and thus you would want them to land even deeper in the pyramid of the site on a page that is more properly optimized for the long tail.

So In conclusion, the SEO pyramid is a good way of visualizing the types of keywords to choose when optimizing your site.

The homepage or pinnacle of your site should grab the bigger yet broader terms and as you navigate down to your category,sub category and product pages you should be choosing slightly longer tail terms. In essence this is proper optimization and the SEO pyramid in a nutshell.

That’s it everyone. I hope that this was educational & entertaining. I apologize for the lack luster visuals as SEO and keyword research is more my strong suit. I will leave the fancy design stuff for those creative folk on the other side of the office.

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