The New SEO Contest Has a Twist – Recap

By Scott

A few years ago, SEO Guild ran a contest that offered a prize to the search engine optimizer who successfully achieved a number 1 ranking in Google for a made-up phrase. The contest was valuable because it gave insight into tactics that lead to short-term search engine ranking success.

John Scott from V7N recently decided that it was time for another contest, and announced that $1,000 would be awarded to the winner. The caveat, however, was that all of those who participate in the contest must link to V7N to be eligible for the prize.

WebGuerilla, who posted a “response” to this contest in his aptly titled “clueless” category, criticized the contest’s mandate that participants had to link to V7N in order to participate. WebGuerilla launched a competing contest that offered the same prizes that V7N is offering, with two rules of his own:

1) No one can link to V7N
2) Participants must link to the blog of Matt Cutts, famed Google Engineer, in an act of both charity and irony.

Taking WebGuerilla’s lead by matching his offer (with identical criteria) are:

Oilman – Offering another $1,000
Mike Grehan – Offering another $1,000
g00gl3r – Offering a 30 Gig IPOD

Just a little controversy in the “SEO” world to kick off 2006. Here’s to a fun contest and a great year!