SEO Monday – The 2 Main SEO Factors for Google, Yahoo and Bing

By Tim


Welcome to your Daily Concept from Exclusive Concepts – today is SEO Monday – so let’s talk some SEO. My name is Tim, I’m an internet marketing strategist at Exclusive concepts , and I’ll be your presenter.

Today I’d like to talk about the 3 major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, more specifically I’d like to talk about how each of their algorithms differ – and how to improve specific keyword rankings in each.

When optimizing for all three search engines, it’s important to recognize the 2 major factors that these search engines are looking for. The first factor is relevance, and The second factor is popularity.

Relevance is a broad factor containing many more specific components. Speaking generally, relevance has to do with your “on page” factors. These on page factors include an optimized title tag, meta description, body content, link structure and so on. Basically, does a specific page on your site utilize target keywords within these on page factors to show the search engines that it’s relevant for those specific keywords.

Popularity, the second component, has to do with off page factors…specifically, how many links are coming in to your site – and are those links demonstrating that you’re popular for particular target keywords. For example, are the links coming into your site formatted like or do they contain the actual keyword phrase you’re trying to rank for … like example product

If you find yourself lacking on the visibility side for any of these search engines, here is a few tips on how to speak more directly to each particular algorithm.

If you’re lacking good visibility for a particular term in Google, your greatest shot at ranking above your competitors is building more popularity between the page and its target term. Google’s algorithm is weighed more towards in-bound anchor text links than the other 2 main search engines.

If you’re lacking in Bing and Yahoo, take a careful look at how you’re using your on-page factors to tell the search engines that your page is truly committed to a particular set of terms. A good place to start is your title tags, making sure that your target keyword phrases are exactly present within them. Luckily, this will also help you with your efforts to rank in Google.

We help our clients attain visibility in all the 3 main search engines through our Advanced SEO programs. If you are struggling with your organic visibility, let us take a look at it – we offer free SEO audits to qualified website. Give us a call at 800-504-4324 for more information. Thank you and have a wonderful SEO Monday.