State of the Blogosphere and Spam

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Sorry for the light blogging, I was called away for a family medical crisis. Now that I’m back, I have so many articles to read, I think today I’ll give you another link-fest. So why not start at the beginning.

“In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth”. Here you can find the Bible, both old and new Testaments translated into text messaging you can send and receive on your cell phone. It’s the SMS Bible. The story from the land down under. call it Signs of the Times.

Dave Silfrey from Technorati delivers his State of the Blogosphere speech at the BlogOn conference in New York. Here’s his summary

  • As of October 2005, Technorati is now tracking 19.6 Million weblogs
  • The total number of weblogs tracked continues to double about every 5 months
  • The blogosphere is now over 30 times as big as it was 3 years ago, with no signs of letup in growth
  • About 70,000 new weblogs are created every day
  • About a new weblog is created each second
  • 2% – 8% of new weblogs per day are fake or spam weblogs
  • Between 700,000 and 1.3 Million posts are made each day
  • About 33,000 posts are created per hour, or 9.2 posts per second
  • An additional 5.8% of posts (or about 50,000 posts/day) seen each day are from spam or fake blogs, on average.

Here’s an interesting article on weblog usability – the top ten design mistakes

Steve Rubel has 10 RSS power user tips. I never thought of subscribing to your car’s RSS feed.

There’s a lot of discussion on spam, particularly blog spam which is sent out by fake blogs, called splogs seeking to boost their rankings with Google. Call it spamalot.

Speaking of spam, 34% of work-related mail is occupational spam. At the BlogOn conference, Suw Charman advocates for internal blogs and wikis to counter that problem.