Sept 9 Weekly roundup

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

It’s been a short, but busy week, but there’s always time to give you some juicy links.

Brilliant post on old world and new world marketing with chart

Amazing demonstration of color perception.? See for yourself

The outernet where the surfaces of physical flags display streaming media.? Think of it as digital paper that can be updated electronically.

Cyberbrawl gets secretaries sacked after a cyber brawl.

How could we not point out Ten Simple Rules for Dating a Blogger.

A beautiful map of the Internet.

A great collection of pre and post Katrina images from Global Security.

Your customers are eager to give you ideas for your products.? Take a look at Bounce’s Fresh Ideas.

Good advice from Paul Chaney on using PR Web and blogs.

If you’re a small business, here’s some tips on how to use your business to help raise money for hurricane relief efforts, using eBay.

Good tip from John Jantsch, Get your prospects involved and you won’t need to sell them.

If you still don’t understand what RSS is all about, here’s a clear explanation from the PR blogger.

The very first photo dates back to 1826 and you can see it here.

If you’re a hiker and like to get away but still stay in touch, you’ll be happy to learn that soon every step you take can help charge your phone.

Backpack turns hiker’s energy into electricity.